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Door County, WI

Jutting out into Lake Michigan, Door County is a peninsula up the road from Green Bay in northeastern Wisconsin. Midwesterners long have known about the quiet beauty here in towns like Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor and Ephraim. Nonchain restaurants and shops have sprung up to cater to the county’s annual 2 million visitors, and locals benefit. Those who stick it out through snowy, cold winters are treated to storybook small-town Christmas scenes and celebrations.

Durham, NC
Durham is a college town with Duke University -- and its tradition of great basketball teams -- but it’s not just Blue Devil country. The city has become known for its diversity, with nearly equal white and black populations and its early commitment to gay activism. Former tobacco factories and warehouses have been repurposed into inviting shops, restaurants and even a Google entrepreneur tech hub. Livable loft spaces enliven downtown.

Edmonds, WA
On the lovely Puget Sound is the walkable town of Edmonds, more affordable than its big-city neighbor of Seattle, whose skyscrapers barely are visible against the sky. Ferries glide back and forth over the sound, while riders on the deck watch as picturesque waterfront downtowns on either side come into view. Mount Rainier grabs the horizon to the south and numerous city parks have trails, a dog park and forests.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Once “the” destination for spring break revelers in the 1960s and 1970s, Fort Lauderdale on Florida’s southern Atlantic coast now is more sedate with upscale hotels, trendy shops and seafood eateries. Games of golf and tennis are daily pastimes and Miami, home to an explosion of culture and diversity, is 30 miles south. Port Everglades is a hot docking spot for cruise ships.

8 Fall Foliage Cities

Most tree leaves change their colors once a year and we planet Earth denizens are lucky enough to watch the transformation. Nature’s brushstrokes of yellow, orange and red remind us of the real-life inspiration on millions of artists’ canvases. These eight cities appeal to retirees who relish the blazing sight each fall: Bend, OR; Brown County, IN; Franklin, TN; Harrisonburg, VA; Huntsville, AL; Jefferson City, MO; Park City, UT; and Sylva, NC.

Assessing the Pros and Cons of Your New City
Whether or not you are a stickler for charts and lists, you need to take the time to evaluate your potential retirement relocation destinations. The factors for your judgment include weather, crime, taxes, politics, cost of living, taxes, stores and shops, traffic, tourists, pollution and more. Here’s how to make an astute assessment.

Financial Consultant: Volunteering Can Save You Money

When fun and money savings happen at the same time, that’s a win. Retirees find that volunteer work not only helps them assimilate in their new city but also may lead to money saved. Ushers for ballpark games, festivals, concerts or speeches get to meet people, are treated to behind-the-scenes access and gain free tickets or admission.

Roads to Retirement: Texas Hill Country
San Antonio, Boerne and Kerrville

Best Neighborhood: The Harbours at Solomons Island in Dowell, MD

And Much, Much More!

I have to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine. It truly helped us identify what kind of lifestyle we were looking for and gave us insight into so many communities that we would never have the opportunity to visit prior to making our decision.
Rosemary Micuch
Gainesville, GA
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